One Author

Last Name, First Name. Note that you end the author element with a period.


Piper, Karen.

Freitag, Andre R.

Two authors

The first author’s name is written in the order of Last Name, First Name followed by a comma and the word and. The second author’s name is listed normally (First Name Last Name). Place a period at the end of the element.


Cross, Gary S., and Robert N. Proctor.

Three or more authors

Reverse the names of the first author followed by a comma and et al. (meaning “and others”). End the author element with a period.


Chasek, Pamela S., et al.

Works by individuals who are not the author

Follow the name with a label that describes the role of the person.


If citing a whole work of edited essays, start the entry with the editor’s name followed by the label editor. If the source has more than one editor follow the same rules as for multiple authors and use the plural form of the label: editors.

Hallett, Martin, and Barbara Karasek, editors.


Media sources such as film, television and music often have many individuals responsible for different roles. If you are writing about the contribution of a particular director, film maker, performer, etc. you may begin the citation with the person’s name (Last Name, First Name) followed by a comma and the appropriate label. If you are focusing on the work as a whole, start the citation with the title.

Glazier, Lynn, director.

Corporation or organization as author

Use the name of the organization as the author. However if the organization is both the author and the publisher, start your entry with the title of the source and include the organization’s name as the publisher.


United Nations Human Settlements Project. The Challenge of Slums : Global Report on Human Settlements 2003. Earthscan, 2003. Ebrary,

Alternative Federal Budget 2016: Time to Move On. Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Mar. 2016. ProQuest Ebrary,


Pseudonyms or online usernames are entered as a regular author’s name.


Vagabonding. “Cambodian Genocide – Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.”  YouTube, 6 Aug. 2007.  Accessed 13 May 2010.

No Author

Start the entry with the title of the source.