Title of Source.

Write down the title as given in the source. Include the sub-title if present and use a colon to separate the title and subtitle. Be sure to capitalize all major words. The title is followed by a period.

Titles of sources that stand on their own

Books, films, plays, television series, etc. are works that are not part of a larger work. The title is written in italics.


Book title: Packaged Pleasures: How Technology & Marketing Revolutionized Desire.

Film: It’s a Girl’s World.

Titles of sources that are part of a larger work

Journal articles, magazine articles, page from a website, essay in a book, and an episode of a television series are all part of a larger work. The title is placed in quotation marks.


Web page:  ”First World War.”

Journal article:  ”Perceptions of Weight and Body Image Among Preschool Children: A Pilot Study.”

Essay in a book:  ”In the Belly of the Beast: Struggling for Nonviolent Belonging.”

No title

Give a short description of the source without italics or quotation marks. Capitalize the first word and any proper nouns.


Photograph of a dress, 1763.

Short message

In a short message with no title, such as a tweet, include the full message, without any changes, in place of the title. Enclose the message in quotation marks.


“Cities can be designed & managed in ways to enable healthy behaviours & #UrbanHealth outcomes http://bit.ly/1UOYY8t .”