Government Documents

Government documents are publications produced by or on behalf of a government department or a national or international organization.

They come in a variety of formats including pamphlets, books, journals and web documents. They can contain statistics, parliament documents, statutes, bills, debates, census materials, and reports.

How to find government documents

Search Canada Commons to find publications from various levels of government located on the Canadian territory.

The library does have some government documents. However, there is no easy way to search for them.

Depending on their format, the government documents will be located in different places within the library. If you need help finding them, come to the reference desk.


The majority of government documents can be accessed through the web.

Below is a custom Google search box that allows you to search for Canadian government documents (including provincial, municipal, and agencies), courtesy of the Maps, Data, and the Government Information Centre at the Carleton University Library.