MLA: In-Text Citations

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The examples found in the MLA section are based on the manual MLA Handbook, 9th ed., 2021.

In-text citations must appear in your paper whenever you use information or ideas belonging to other people. The role of in-text citations is to give just enough details to point your reader to the complete citation found in your Works Cited list.

  • MLA in-text citations use parentheses.
  • The reference comes at the end of the cited material and includes a page number or numbers (if available).
  • The author’s name can be included in the parentheses or inserted into the text that introduces the cited material.


Tip:  For more examples, visit the OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University or ask for help at the library reference desk. The OWL also has a sample paper in the MLA style available for consultation.