Why use newspapers?

  • Follow current news items and trends
  • Gather information on most recent events
  • Discover local perspectives
  • Read the editorials and analyze the opinions

Be aware of where the newspaper is published. The geographic factor can have a large impact on what news are presented and how they presented.

How to find newspaper articles

  • Canadian Major Dailies: Access content from a variety of Canadian newspapers through the library website.
  • Google Newspaper Archive: Freely available historical newspapers from Canada and the United States.
  • BANQ Numérique: All residents of Quebec can access the databases provided by the Bibliothèque et archives nationales du Québec (BANQ). Those databases include Eureka, which contains French newspaper articles.
  • The Internet: Use Google or another search engine to access the websites of well-known newspapers like La Presse or the New York Times.