The examples found in the APA section are based on the style guide Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th ed., 2010 and the APA Style Guide to Electronic References, 6th ed., 2012.

Sources from Coursepacks (articles, essays, etc.)

If the original citation is given (often at the beginning of the coursepack) simply cite the article as if you were looking at the original print copy. If the coursepack does not include this information use the following format.


Author Last Name, Initials. (Date of publication of coursepack). Title of document. In Initial. Last Name of instructor, (Ed.) Course number:  Coursepack title (page numbers of the coursepack, if available). Location: Publisher.


Intini, S. (2012, Winter). Are we raising our boys to be underachieving men? In R. Morris (Ed.), Humanities 345-101-MO: Gender and knowledge (pp.1-6). Saint-Lambert, QC: Champlain College Bookstore.

Online lecture notes and presentation slides


Author Last Name, Initial. (Date of publication). Title [Format]. Retrieved Month Day, Year from College Name courseware website: http://xxxxxxx


Penner, C. (2012). Introduction to library research [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved October 13, 2012 from Champlain College Saint-Lambert Moodle website: http://moodle.mychamplain.ca/

Films and video recordings

When citing a film include the format [Motion film,VHS, DVD].

List the main contributors in the author position with their contribution in parentheses.


Producer’s Last Name, Initials. (Producer), & Director’s Last Name, Initials. (Director). (Year). Title of work [Format]. Country of origin: Studio.


Glazier, L. (Director). (2004).  It’s a girl’s world [DVD]. Canada: National Film Board of Canada.

For online videos see the Online sources section.



Artist Last Name, Initial. (Year of fabrication). Title of work [Description]. Location of the work.

If you viewed the artwork online, use the format: Retrieved from http://xxxxxx


Heward, P. (1928). At the theatre  [Painting]. Montreal, QC: Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.

Heward, P. (1928). At the theatre [Painting]. Retrieved from http://www.mbam.qc.ca/en/collections/art-quebec-canada

Personal communications

Personal communications (email, private letters, personal interviews, memos, etc.) are not included in the reference list. This type of source is included only in your text. Give the author’s initals and last name as well as an exact a date as possible.


One of his colleagues admitted that the research was creating a lot of discussion (J. Doyle, personal communication, May 15, 2008).

Other Resources

For more examples visit the OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University.

Guide to formatting in APA style using Word (Northeast Wisconsin Technical College).