The examples found in the MLA section are based on the manual MLA Handbook, 9th ed., 2021.

The publisher is the organization that is primarily responsible for producing the source. Most common sources with publishers are books and websites. When including a publisher in an MLA style citation, make sure to:

  • Shorten the publisher’s name by leaving out business words such as Company (Co.), Incorporated (Inc.), and Limited (Ltd.).
  • Use the abbreviation UP for a university press (e.g. Harvard UP,  U of Toronto P).
  • If there are two publishers named in your source, separate them with a forward slash (/).

Do not include a publisher for the following sources:

  • A journal, magazine, or newspaper
  • A work published by its author or editor
  • A website whose title is the same as the name of the publisher
  • A website that is not involved in the production of the material that it makes available (e.g. YouTube or WordPress).
If there is no publisher simply leave it out.