The source you are citing using the MLA style may have more than one version. Books, for instance, can have several editions. When they do, it is usually indicated clearly on the cover or copyright page.

  • If your source has an edition number, write the number then “ed.” followed by a comma. If the edition has a description include it before the “ed.”
  • Other media can also have several versions. Write out the description as given in the source followed by a comma.
  • Note that the description starts with a capital letter when it directly follows the title of the source.


The examples found in the MLA section are based on the manual MLA Handbook, 9th ed., 2021.

4th ed.,

revised ed.,

Canadian ed.,

director’s cut,

abridged version,

Sample citation

Jewkes, Yvonne. Media and Crime. 2nd ed., Sage, 2011.